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Once the course content has been finalized, complete the NFI CEU Application online. It is very important that your application be completed and submitted to NFI well in advance of your scheduled course. The application deadline for receiving applications for an event is 30 days prior to the course date. The reason for this length of time is because staff must ensure that all the information required is received and understood and to give the CEU Committee time to review the materials and report their recommendations to staff before your event. The CEU Committee is comprised of industry volunteers, each of whom either has their own full-time position or has a business to run. Therefore, your timeliness is essential. *If your materials are not in electronic format, you may send them to:

1901 North Moore St., Suite 600
Arlington, VA 22209
Fax: 703-522-0548

The NFI CEU Committee is a six-member committee comprised of industry members with varying backgrounds and expertise. The majority vote rules.

Typically, one hour of training/education equals one CEU. The CEU Committee will generally assign a 1 to 2 hour course with the same number of CEUs based on the length of time stipulated by the course outline. Once a session gets beyond 2 hours, the Committee will assume that the instructor will offer breaks and accredit units accordingly (subtracting time for breaks).

The information that the CEU Committee looks for is:

  1. Does the course clearly fill an educational need of the participants?
  2. Does each activity have a clear description of intended learning outcomes?
  3. Are qualified instructional personnel involved in planning and conducting the program?
  4. Does the course content and instructional method seem appropriate? (i.e. Does this benefit an installer? Does it answer safety concerns? Will it help the owner/manager run a more profitable business?)
  5. Does the sponsor provide an appropriate learning environment and support services?
  6. Does the program have a consistent outline of content?
  7. Is the time clearly spent on broad, industry-wide topics, or does it spend a great deal of time on brand-specifics?
  8. Are the starting and ending time and all breaks clearly indicated?