Moderator: Chris Neufeld, Catalytic Hearth Coalition (CHC) Panelists: Matt Daniels, Sud-Chemie Inc; Kent Severins, The Woodway, Mr. Paul Tiegs, OMNI Test Laboratories, Inc.; Tom Morrissey, Woodstock Soapstone; Jerry Glenn, Buck Stove Corporation As the EPA reviews the current NSPS, the role of catalytic appliances will be expanding. This course will provide a history and lessons learned about catalytic appliances. Learn the critical elements and designs necessary to provide your customers the best in durable and dependable catalytic wood stoves. A panel of experts from across the hearth industry will be on hand to provide answers to what will certainly be a lively session. Participants will learn: How a combustor is built Advanced concepts of combustor technology Essential elements to durability In design Highlights of the recent OMNI Environmental Lab Study on Longevity About CHC Guidelines & Assurance Program.