Partnering with local non-profit organizations is a great way to drive traffic and build business. In this session you’ll learn why you shouldn’t give cash donations, but create partnerships that are win/win. If your partner does a great job of sending their members to your store and they spend lots of money you give a big donation, if they don’t do much, they don’t get much. This program will change the way you look at donation requests!

They’ll learn:
• Which groups to partner with, and which to avoid.
• How to take the risk out of the relationship and make it win/win.
• The secret to leveraging every event to ensure the most sales, publicity and local “buzz.”
• The secret to taking this information, getting it put into action and turning it into money in the bank.

Cause Marketing is the next hot marketing strategy for today’s savvy independent retailer. Now is the time to get your group started!