Of the many attributes that make up a successful leader, none is more important or impressive than the ability to communicate effectively. Whether it is on a technical/clinical level or on an interpersonal level, saying the “right things right” can right a lot of wrongs. Join international speaker, trainer, and author John Kennedy as he digs deep into the multi-dimensional approach to presenting with assertiveness and authority without coming across as belligerent or bossy. From language choice and mannerisms to your true motivation and rationale, John will guide you to the balance of being outspoken with respect and driving outcomes with results.

Participants will learn:
• A profound understanding of human needs and styles
• The correct language skills that invite response and respect
• The importance of the “two ears one mouth rule”
• The most important word in the English language.

Learn how house design and site orientation affect chimney venting? What is the perfect location for the chimney? Where should combustion air be taken from? Is it possible to eliminate venting failure due to adverse winds? Can the likelihood of venting failure be predicted with a simple test? Get answers to these questions and much more in this session.