Explode Your Sales Part 1 -Killer Strategies, Tactics and Techniques to get Ton of NEW Customers for Little or No Money: WOW or waste: How are you spending your marketing dollars? The money, time and energy you spend should put lots of money in the bank, pull new customers through the door, and generate excitement about your store.

A few of the things you will learn in this session include:
• How a simple gift certificate can be used to get people excited about your store and in the door.
• A killer promotion idea that generated over $100,000 for a small independent retailer. You can use it too!
• How to get other businesses to share their customer lists with you.
• The secret to turn those pesky donation requests into money in the bank.

You’re going to love this one! You can easily double, triple, or multiply by 10, the effectiveness of your efforts to get new customers by using the techniques and concepts