Tailgating as a lifestyle is very loosely defined. Most people see tailgating as a “parking lot lifestyle”. We recognized that more people watch the Super Bowl at home than they do at the Super Bowl and they dress up and act like they are at the Super Bowl. The activity of having people over to a home to watch a game is known as “HOMEGATING.” The cost of going to events has driven many to become creative and look at how they can do it better at home than in the parking lot. There is nothing like being at an event to experience tailgating up close but “homegating” provides the best alternative to being at any event. Randy Dye the founder and publisher of Tailgater Magazine will dive head first into the reasons why “Homegating” has become the number one tailgating activity. This course will cover the economic factors, todays technology, the build out of backyards, basements, media rooms, and the products that make “Homegating” the alternative to being in the parking lot.