Present topics that address the usage of catalytic combustors inside of wood burning stoves. We aim to cover some historical as well as present functionality and design considerations of the combustor units. The key criteria for a user-friendly and dealer-friendly catalytic wood stove ensure that the unit is reliable, efficient, and easily-serviced in the field.

Discuss the common hybrid wood stove that utilizes secondary combustion as well as catalytic combustion. The mission statement of the Catalytic Hearth Coalition is to work with all manufacturers of catalytic stove products to continually refine and improve these products for the environment and to educate the public about the benefits of catalytic technology. Our objective is to educate some of the wood stove dealers here at the HPBA show so that each of you leaves here with a better understanding of catalytic wood stoves from a historic, current and future development standpoint and, most importantly, how they work.