From this presentation, you will learn lawsuit protection, tax reduction, and estate planning strategies most advisors are unaware of including:
• Sources of lawsuits hearth, patio, and barbecue professional are exposed to and how to prevent them.
• How you can protect 100% of your professional and personal assets from lawsuits.
• How to protect business, property, and personal assets in the event of a judgment in excess of liability insurance or an exclusion in a policy.
• How to avoid the most common asset protection mistakes.
• How you can minimize vicarious liability for the acts of other professionals and staff.
• Five strategies you can use to reduce income taxes by up to 40% each year.
• How you can eliminate the capital gains tax on the sale of a business, real estate, stocks or other assets.
• What you should be doing now to prepare for successful business secession.
• Techniques you can use to avoid probate.


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