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There are several options available for taking the NFI exam.  You can take the exam any day of the year!

  1. NFI exams are offered at HPBExpo and various industry events throughout the year.  HPBA Affiliates, various manufacturers or distributors and other organizations may offer the exam. The schedule, pricing and policies of each of these exams are determined by the hosting organization.  To take the exam at one of their events, you must contact and pay them.
  2. NFI exams are also offered at any of the 500+ PSI/LaserGrade test facilities. Once you purchase the exam from us, we pre-register you with PSI and send you your exam confirmation number.  When you are ready to take the exam simply call the number we provide and set up an appointment for the test facility of your choice. To find the PSI test facility that is closest to you, go to: Be sure to select National Fireplace Institute as the exam Sponsor.
  3. NFI exams can also be taken from the comfort of your own home or office.  We have contracted with a company that will proctor the exam remotely if your computer has a web cam and microphone.  Once you purchase the exam from us, we set up the online exam and pre-register you the proctor.  When you are ready to take the exam you set up an appointment directly with the proctor.  There is a $40 surcharge for these exams to pay for the proctoring service.

Preliminary results for exams that you take at a PSI test facility or online are available as soon as you complete the exam.  Results from exams taken at an industry event are scored as soon as the exam arrive back in the NFI office.  Preliminary notification is sent via email. Exam results from all our exams are then sent to an independent scoring consultant.  He verifies the results and sends a formal score report. Once the scores have been confirmed we enter the data into our web site and database.

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