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Your certification is valid for 3 years.  60 days prior to your expiration date a link to renew your certification will appear.  You may take the NFI exam again at a discounted rate or you can renew your certification through Continuing Education Credits (CEUs). You need a total of 24 CEUs (12 Technical, 4 Safety, Health & Liability-SHL, and 8 Electives) for one certification.  You need 32 CEUs (16 Technical, 4 Safety Health & Liability -SHL & 12 Electives) if you hold 2 or 3 certifications.  CEUs must be earned AFTER your current certification started and BEFORE you expire.

You can see your expiration dates on your home page.  Simply log in to your account.  If you hold multiple roles for NFI, specify “Certification” when you log in.

To download a zip file with the various NFI logos, click on this link:

NFI Logos